Beijing Charlie

Beijing Charlie has been an artist all his life. The first proof goes back to a photograph taken of his grandmother’s laundry when he was five years old.

Line is a life giving force and can be found in this initial work. Texture and movement are also part of this early photograph. Color had not yet come to his borrowed Brownie camera. That photograph became the inspiration of an installation titled PUBLIC HANGINGS in 2007.

From around the world he collected photos of clothing hanging in public. If it is just one sock, or neatly lined underwear to sheets flapping in the breeze, he captured that statement about who wore the clothes, the environment in which they were hanging and who created this ephemeral abstract art. Storytelling being an integral part of his work.

This attitude is an invitation to the world to claim their artistry. Everyone can hang clothes on a line. We’ve been doing for thousands of years. It is the green thing to do.

With this concept Beijing Charlie arrived at The Vermont Studio Center where The Orange Cone Project was inspired.

Beijing Charlie • The Orange Cone Project

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